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Matthew Truong (Of Counsel)

Mr. Truong is a professional license defense attorney.  He received his Juris Doctorate from Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Mr. Truong has represented numerous licensed professionals throughout California, including at individual administrative proceedings as lead counsel.  He serves as the primary attorney and litigator on cases in administrative litigation before the Office of Administrative Hearings in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and Sacramento.


“When I was denied my Life-only, accident and health license, I could’ve said I was rather hopeless and was going to switch careers.  My attorney recommended I go to Matthew Truong, and I have zero complaints.  Went later in May, he chatted with me, said to give him the paperwork he needed.  Now I’m a licensed agent! (Well it was just approved today, waiting a week or so for CDI to issue it.)  Very friendly office and highly recommended by me Thanks Matt!”  -Tyler J. on Yelp

“Best law firm you can choose if you have been denied your license from the Dental Board, which was my case.. I was denied for having a criminal record, in the past.  I did a lot of researched before I reached out…for help, best choice I could of made, for the determination of my career.  Matthew was the attorney assigned to my case, he worked closely with, kept me well informed, and stayed on top of the Dental Board.  I was expecting to go to court and hopefully getting my license with restrictions and probationary period, Mathew, somehow got me my license with no court date, restrictions, or probation!  Thank you Mathew!  I’m forever grateful for the hard work and dedication you gave!!!”  -Pammy M. on Yelp

“Attorney Matthew Truong got me my P&C license.  Success.  Affordable and well worth it.  Simple and effective paperwork to prepare your case.  I truly appreciate the service that this office provided.  When it comes to your professional license and when your livelihood is on the line, choosing the right professional representation is paramount.  I chose this office after speaking to many attorneys and I’m so happy that I did.  I highly recommend this law office and I’m forever grateful to Attorney Matthew Truong.  THANK YOU!”  -Wesley V. on Yelp

“Attorney Matthew Truong is amazing.  He helped me get my California LVN License cleared through alleged state bureaucracy.  He knows how the system works, and is the best person to have in your corner when battling with the state.  Everyone was very nice at the law office.  Matthew always was very professional, and straight to the point on how to prepare for a case.  He’s a major asset to the company.  Thank you again.”  -Edward S. on Yelp

“Matthew Truong, thank you for the exceptional representation! My case was unique and required a high level of expertise.  I appreciated your objective views, concern and level of professionalism.  Which offered guidance and comfort throughout this difficult ordeal.  Your assistance led to my case being handled expeditiously and favorably.  Now I can pursue my career as a Nurse!”  -L S. on Yelp

“Please forgive my blunt manner, but ATTORNEY MATTHEW TRUONG IS SPECTACULAR!  To say that dealing with Matthew Truong was a pleasure is an understatement!  Where do I begin?  Let’s start with adjectives…Professional, knowledgeable, CARING, unassuming, diligent, prompt, intelligent, pleasant, honest, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!  Mr. Truong turned what was a tremendously tense and anxiety filled situation, into one that was palatable, and eventually his guidance afforded me the best possible of all resolutions!  I have dealt with a few lawyers in my time, and I’m sad to say that there are very few attorneys out there that can fit the bill.  Let alone follow through with what they promise!  That is, unless you pay an exorbitant amount of cash to have them represent you.  Even then, there’s still no promise of a favorable outcome.  If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you may relate to what I was feeling, when I found myself in a position that required me to secure legal representation, while I was in the application for my Cal BRE License?  Unfortunately, I unknowingly made an honest mistake while filling out my licensing application.  Which ultimately caused all kinds of stress, havoc and truly excruciating delay!  So, after interviewing 5 different opinions, as well as the vast array of legal fees (topping out at $20,000!), you can only imagine how much relief I felt when I…was directed to attorney Matthew Truong!  From the very beginning he was the epitome of what all lawyers should be.  I will be forever grateful to Matthew Truong for his guidance and for truly being the first person to listen to me and care about what I had to say, about a situation that was just wrong from the word go!  If you are in a bad situation, big or small, this is the firm to contact.  They truly do care about you!  I have nothing but the highest regard…specifically Attorney Matthew Truong!”  -Susan J. on Yelp


Professional License Defense

Whether you are in the healthcare field or any industry that requires a professional license, our Of Counsel, Matthew Truong, Esq., an experienced professional license defense attorney, has aggressively represented many licensed professionals like you in license applications, disclosures, denials, investigations, accusations, appeals, reinstatements, and related legal matters.  

Applications/Disclosures Mr. Truong helps applicants disclose criminal convictions, explain California license discipline, explain out of state discipline, and gather evidence of mitigation and rehabilitation to submit to the licensing board to help you get a California license.

Denials/Statement of Issues If a license applicant has been denied a license, the applicant is served a Statement of Issues stating why an applicant should be denied a license.  These documents open the administrative case and accompany documents that notify an individual of their rights in the hearing process.  Mr. Truong has extensive experience in representing applicants through this process to help them obtain their license, including negotiating stipulated settlements and representing clients at administrative hearings.

Investigations When you are the target of an investigation, you need the help of an experienced professional license defense investigation attorney.  Investigations can be triggered by a report of a crime made by the California Department of Justice, or by a consumer complaint filed with a state agency.   Mr. Truong helps protect clients by exercising their rights at each stage of the investigation to protect against an Accusation.

Accusations An Accusation is an action filed against a licensee for alleged violations of the law.  In order to defend against an Accusation, you need the help of an experienced attorney such as Mr. Truong to help you navigate the administrative process, including the filing of important paperwork (including a Notice of Defense), evaluating the evidence against you, determining an effective legal strategy, negotiating a stipulated settlement with the state agency, or representing you at a formal administrative hearing.

Appeals/Reinstatements Mr. Truong can help you with appeals, including Petitions for Reconsideration after an adverse decision, Petitions for Reinstatement of a lost license, and Petition to Lift Restriction from a license

Areas of Practice:
  • Registered Nurse License Defense
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse License Defense
  • Psychiatric Technician License Defense
  • Physician Assistant License Defense
  • Real Estate Agent License Defense
  • Insurance Salesperson License Defense
  • Dentist License Defense
  • Psychologist License Defense
  • Pharmacist and Technician License Defense
  • Behavioral Sciences License Defense
  • Physical Therapist License Defense
  • Chiropractors License Defense
  • Bureau of Automotive Repair License Defense
  • Barbering and Cosmetology License Defense

Don’t face agency discipline alone.  Mr. Truong has the knowledge, experience and skill to help you.  His strategy is simple: prevent problems, fight for the client if accused, and appeal unfair results.  Mr. Truong’s focused, experienced and dedicated license practice gives you the advantage.  Contact him for a confidential consultation to discuss your legal matter.

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